CHT : Universal dyestuff for garments

Universal dyestuff for garments

(Source: CHT)
(Source: CHT)

The new Bezaktiv FX dye range contains innovative universal products for garment dyeing. With these, effects such as wash-out, used or vintage look can be achieved. For most of the color shades, very good fixing degrees and wash-out properties are achieved, thus water and energy consumption and also wastewater pollution can be reduced to a large extent. In addition, Bezaktiv FX dyes are characterized by their good fastness properties and their versatility. They can additionally be used for subsequent bleaching processes. This new dyestuff range meets current demands and simultaneously reduces the costs contributing thus to sustainability.
Bezaktiv FX products of CHT Group, Tübingen/Germany, are selected reactive dyestuffs for dyeing garment articles made of cellulose as well as regenerated cellulose fibers and their blends. They are equally suited for continuous and semi-continuous dyeing procedures.

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