CHT: More sustainability in denim treatment

More sustainability in denim treatment

(Source: Pexels)
(Source: Pexels)

The ecological and social conditions in the production of textiles are coming to the fore and into the consciousness of industry and end customers. With the new LAB102 brand, the Jeans & Garment team of the CHT Group wants to offer its global denim customers sustainable chemical solutions and technologies in the future.
LAB102 focuses not only on chemistry, but also on technology. Fogging, laser, and ozone technologies are innovations that currently enable new approaches in jeans and garment treatment. Their use can lead to savings in water and energy. The use of chemicals can also be reduced if processes are optimized and adapted to the new requirements. To this end, the CHT Group's Jeans & Garment team works with leading machine manufacturers on new developments.
With these new processes and recipe changes, there are many new possibilities to achieve conventional effects with more sustainable components. In addition to innovative products to support the new machine technologies, LAB102 also provides ongoing development of new fashion effects.
LAB stands for innovation, development, and discovery. The digits 102 in the name refer to the house number of CHT's corporate headquarters in Tübingen.
On October 19, 2022, CHT Germany GmbH, Tübingen/Germany, will officially launch the new denim brand at the trade fair Kingpins Show in Amsterdam/Netherlands.

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