CHT : From plastic waste to textile finishing

From plastic waste to textile finishing

(Source: CHT)
(Source: CHT)

Of the approx. 353 million tons of plastic waste worldwide, 22% ends up in the environment polluting and burdening the environment. For the sustainable use of resources, the CHT Germany GmbH, Tübingen/Germany, has developed Arristan rAIR which converts plastic waste into a valuable textile finishing product to achieve, e.g. optimal moisture management in sports and active wear. Other areas of application include socks and tights in the clothing sector, filtration media and nonwovens in the technical textiles sector, and pillows and curtains in home textiles.
Since Arristan rAIR is made out of recycled PET flakes, it is suitable for finishing recycled yarns and fabrics which are subsequently recyclable again. Additionally, the hydrophilizing agent is characterized by its fast-drying properties in combination with very good soil release and thermoregulation. Especially in the field of functional textiles, it therefore offers optimal functionalities for high-quality and durable sportswear.

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