Brückner: Stenter technology for textiles wit...

Stenter technology for textiles with large amount of lint

(Source: Brückner)
(Source: Brückner)

The complex production and finishing processes for high-quality fabrics produced by Weidmann require a reliable and efficient machine technology. For this reason, the company recently installed a Brückner stenter in its modern plant.
The new line is equipped with 2 padders, a weft straightener and 6 drying compartments. Arranged one behind the other with automatic squeezing pressure adjustment and special roller covering, they allow a uniform liquor application and produce a pleasantly soft fabric hand. The straightening unit ensures the correct and straight fabric flow. Possible bow or skew distortions are reduced to a minimum by an intelligent drive system.
The newly developed stenter dryer from Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Leonberg/Germany, is specially designed for textiles which produce a large amount of lint during the drying process. The interior of the dryer can be cleaned very easily and quickly. Energy-saving motors have been used for the dryer, and the entire line has been designed for easy maintenance or lubrication with high temperature grease. Due to the large chain rolls, very long lubrication intervals are possible even at high production speeds. The line is also Industry 4.0 capable. Via OPC-UA the stenter is directly connected to Weidmann’s ERP system.
Furthermore, the newly developed simulation software ExPertex, is installed on the new line at Weidmann GmbH, Süßen/Germany. On the basis of fabric type and process parameters, this tool gives the line operator valuable hints as to which settings can make the current finishing process even more energy efficient and productive.

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