Brückner : New stenter to Brazil

New stenter to Brazil

Luiz Thiago Ribeiro de Freitas, Head of Textile Operations in front of the new Brückner Power-Frame, Source: Brückner)
Luiz Thiago Ribeiro de Freitas, Head of Textile Operations in front of the new Brückner Power-Frame, Source: Brückner)

Last year Grupo Malwee purchased the 4th Brückner stenter, a Brückner Power-Frame. Due to constant development, the new stenter is characterized today by more than double speed with the same configuration as other machines. In Latin America, this stenter with vertically circulating chain is one of the fastest stenters for knitted fabric.  
The Power-Frame from Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Leonberg/Germany, is characterized by the highest possible drying performance and a process control adapted to the fabric quality due to the technically mature and proven split-flow air circulation system, the homogeneous air flow and temperature distribution due to alternate thermo-zones (every 1.5 m) as well as the low specific energy consumption. Very robust and low-maintenance chains, chain rails and pin bar support ensure a long service life and low wear.
The finishing results are exactly reproducible thanks to full automation and recipe management, and overdrying of the fabric during machine standstill is prevented by the circulating air bypass system. Minimal air pressure losses and high-quality insulation lead to very low electrical and thermal energy consumption, which means considerably lower production costs over the years.
»With its high production speed and energetic efficiency, the Brückner Power-Frame fits our main concern to combine economic success with respect and care for our planet and its inhabitants.«
Luiz Thiago Ribeiro de Freitas, Head of Textile Operations of Grupe Malwee

Recognized in the Fashion Transparency Index as one of the 20 most transparent brands in the world, Grupo Malwee Ltda., Jaraguá do Su/Brazil, focuses on "smart fashion" to promote conscious consumption. Grupo Malwee launches major collections every year. The brand's goal is to offer consumers the opportunity to reinvent their wardrobes in a smart way by reusing pieces year after year, extending the lifespan of clothing and thus combating pollution and the side effects of the fashion industry. In addition, Grupo Malwee is a leader in sustainability initiatives in Brazil, such as the use of PET nets in the production of clothing, shredded cotton and finishing processes that save up to 98% of the volume of water.

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