Brückner : New dryer doubles production capac...

New dryer doubles production capacity

(Source: Brückner)
(Source: Brückner)

Contrary to the general trend in the area of floor coverings – away from carpeting – the demand for the high-quality products from Vetex is high. The Vetex management set itself the goal of doubling production output in the area of coating tufted carpets. The bottleneck here was an existing 10 compartment stenter, which was installed in the coating line on 2 floors and fitted exactly into the hall.
Vetex GmbH & Co. KG Teppichbodenfabrik, Herzebrock-Clarholz/Germany, produces tufted and woven carpets as well as carpet tiles under the brand "Infloor Girloon”. Everything that the company sells is produced in-house. In addition to weaving and tufting, the fully integrated production chain also includes coating, continuous dyeing, printing and finishing.
The new Brückner stenter with integrated Duo-Therm dryer works with a horizontal pin chain and direct gas heating. The exact and separately adjustable temperature for upper and lower air with a possible difference of up to 60°C is well suited for carpet coatings. Venturi mixing nozzles for mixing the extremely hot burner gases with the circulating process air as well as the alternating arrangement of the thermal zones every 3 m ensure optimum temperature distribution and thus high drying performance with low energy consumption. The existing heat-recovery system at Vetex was connected to the new Duo-Therm dryer.
With only one compartment more than before, the Duo-Therm from Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Leonberg/Germany, allows a doubling of the production speed compared to the old 10 compartment stenter, thus eliminating the bottleneck.

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