bluesign: Criteria revision 2022

Criteria revision 2022

(Source: bluesign)
(Source: bluesign)

In recent months bluesign has invested efforts in revising the bluesign System Black Limits (BSBL), System Substances List (BSSL) and RSL. The revision comprises various changes with the aim of making the bluesign Criteria both more feasible and aligned for the textile industry and its related segments.
The bluesign BSBL specify threshold limits for chemical substances in finished chemical products such as auxiliaries or dyes. The bluesign BSSL specifies limits for chemical substances in articles (consumer safety limits). The bluesign RSL is an extract of the BSSL and contains consumer safety limits and recommended testing methods for the most important and legally restricted substances in textile and leather articles and accessories.
The 2022 revision by bluesign technologies ag, St. Gallen/Switzerland, considers new scientific knowledge on the toxicological and ecological profile of substances, new legal classification of chemical substances, new legal consumer safety limits, revised risk assessments following the bluesign Criteria for chemical assessment, feedback from experts of the Chemical Experts Group as well as new analytical standards.
A usage ban for enzymes in powder form is defined. Enzymes are used in textile auxiliaries for pre-treatment and dyeing as well as in denim laundries. With the use of enzymes resource savings (water and energy) can be realized. As enzymes are strong inhalative sensitizers, powder-based types will be no longer bluesign Approved.
From July 2024 articles finished with PFAS/PFC chemistry – typically used for DWR finishing -  will be phased out from the bluesign Guide (the search engine for bluesign Approved textiles and trims). Only for very exceptional cases (so-called essential uses as for example very special personal protective equipment, defined in coming EU regulation on C6-chemistry) an approval of textiles finished with C6-chemistry can be granted after July 2024.
The revised documents came into effect on July 1, 2022. The 2022 revision of BSBL, BSSL, and RSL as well as the documents regarding the relevant changes to substances and limits can be found on the bluesign website.

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