BASF/Inditex : Detergent reduces microfiber r...

Detergent reduces microfiber release during washing

(Source: BASF)
(Source: BASF)

A new innovative solution may reduce microfiber release by up to 80% depending on fabric type and washing conditions. Inditex brand Zara Home will launch the first laundry detergent designed to reduce microfiber release during washing, which will be available both in the brand’s stores and online.
The solution was developed jointly by Inditex and the Home Care and I&I Solutions Europe division of BASF SE, Ludwigshafen/Germany, and the results have been tested by several research institutions.
»Innovation and collaboration are key to meeting the challenges of the textile industry.«
Javier Losada, Chief Sustainability Officer, Inditex

The detergent formula containing efficient ingredients was tested in the laboratory using different textile types and washing conditions. The results show that the detergent is particularly suitable for washing at low temperatures which brings additional advantages: end users can lower their energy consumption – by reducing the temperature for example from 40°C to 20°C – and thereby reduce their carbon footprint. Colors stay bright for longer, extending the life of the textiles.
Consumers can buy the detergent at Zara Home, the home décor brand of the Inditex (Industria de Diseño Textil, SA) Group, Arteixo/Spain, from stores and online platforms. The developed solution can also be adjusted to enable the use of this technology by other detergent manufacturers.

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