Avalution: German soldiers measured in 3D

German soldiers measured in 3D

(Source: Avalution)
(Source: Avalution)

A customer-specific 3D anthropometric survey project using 3D body scanners has been underway at the German military (Bundeswehr) since January 2022. The project aims to record the body measurements and body shapes of around 2,500 members of the Bundeswehr, ensuring even better-fitting clothing and equipment in the future. The soldiers will be recorded and digitalized in 4 postures by a non-contact, 3D body scanner at each survey site. A digital questionnaire will also record socio-demographic data, including family background, position within the armed forces, sporting activities and clothing preferences. The project, which is being carried out by Avalution GmbH, Kaiserslautern/Germany, on behalf of the Bundeswehr, is scheduled to run until 2024.
This project will establish a valid, comprehensive and up-to-date database of body measurements and shapes that will enable the development of target group-specific clothing and personal equipment. The data is also used to create digital test persons (avatars). These can be incorporated into ergonomic analyses of vehicle interiors to adapt the vehicles as accurately as possible to the specific requirements of the armed forces.
The need for up-to-date the data stems from people changing over the decades, with an average statistic growth of one centimeter per decade. There is no current data on the body measurements and body shapes of Bundeswehr soldiers.

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