Automatex: Full automation from roll to finis...

Full automation from roll to finished product

FDC-77735-B90D-EC automatic fitted sheet system (Source: Automatex)
FDC-77735-B90D-EC automatic fitted sheet system (Source: Automatex)

With automation as a priority for smaller companies as well as large, more compact and precisely targeted operations are required. Automatex has recently supplied a number of its latest Industry 4.0-enabled automatic fitted sheet systems to customers in Europe.
The FDC-77735-B90D-EC system from Automatex Inc., Terrebonne/Canada, with offices in Sparsör/Sweden, is very simple to program and operate, with remote access for troubleshooting capability. It can be fully customized to the individual needs of the specific client.
It enables the full production and folding of 6 fully-fitted sheets/minute – approaching 3,000 an average shift – overseen by a single operator and eliminating many of the repetitive cut and sew operations of the past. Elastics insertion – usually a highly complex labor-intensive task – can be on all 4 sides of the sheet, 2 sides, or simply within the corners, depending on customer specifications.
Fabric is fed directly from the roll, with precise edge guiding and tension control, into a lengthwise hemming and elastics insertion section with adjustable tension devices, before being measured and cross-cut in an accumulator. It is then transferred to the cross-hemming section, again with elastics insertion. A side drop forming unit pre-forms the sheet before it is transported by a multi-axis clamp conveyor system to the corner sewing section. Here, the corners are robotically sewn at 90° and labels are also attached when specified.

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