ATP : Green materials from Portugal

Green materials from Portugal

(Source: ATP)
(Source: ATP)

Presenting developments in the sector in the field of new materials, the Sustainable Fashion From Portugal project, authored by the textile and clothing association of Portugal ATP, Vila Nova de Famalicão/Portugal, launched a new publication during the 10th Euratex Convention and the 24th Textile Industry Forum in Porto/Portugal on October 13, 2022. The new publication “Green Materials from Portugal” aims to highlight sustainable materials and processes developed by the Portuguese textile and clothing sector as a continuation/complement of the previous works “The Green Wave From Portugal” and “The Green Book”.
This new publication presents, among other topics, different fibers, and their advantages, recycling processes and natural dyeing, eco-design, bio-economy projects in competition, and trends for the future are discussed.  
The coordinator of the strategic Agenda for Sustainable, Bio and Circular Economy at the technological institute CITEVE, Vila Nova de Famalicão, gives an example of the Portuguese potential in this area: “We know that in Portugal we also produce burel, a fabric that is much in demand for use in other areas, such as interior textiles, architecture and even interior design, which an enormous growth potential and environmentally speaking, it provides major advantages. Not only so, because burel is produced locally, we can supply markets that are very close to us and we do not need to rely on major, invasive chemical finishes of the fibers and the fabrics created, because these much desired properties are intrinsic to the material itself.”
The Sustainable Fashion From Portugal project has been spreading the word about the green path of Portuguese ITV. Firstly, through the launch of the magazine “The Green Wave” in February 2022. Then in July 2022, through “The Green Book” and also through the Showcase Sustainable Fashion From Portugal. These publications reinforce Portugal's position as a center of sustainable textile and clothing production in Europe and worldwide. Contributions from producers, creative thinkers, and other personalities who want to be part of the change are brought together.

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