Archroma/Jeanologia : Eco-conscious denim cle...

Eco-conscious denim cleaning

(Source: Archroma)
(Source: Archroma)

An eco-advanced alternative to the denim fabric washing process has been launched by Archroma and Jeanologia. The new solution allows the creation of aniline-free denim and improves the final aspect of the fabric through a fully chemical-free and almost water-free cleaning alternative treatment.
In both traditional ways to clean the fabric, washing or mercerizing, multiple highly water intensive washings are required in order to restore optimal fabric pH and remove unfixed dyestuff and any undesired deposits or impurities from the fabric. The alternative to the fabric cleaning concept combines the use of the aniline-free Pure Indigo Icon dyeing system of Archroma Management LLC, Reinach/Switzerland, and the water-free and chemical-free G2 Dynamic finishing technology of Jeanologia, Paterna/Spain.  
Pure Indigo Icon is based Archroma’s aniline-free Denisol Pure Indigo. The Jeanologia G2 Dynamic is an ozone treatment for continuous fabric which dramatically reduces the amount of water and chemicals used, while at the same time saving costs at the mill and eventually at the garment finishing facilities. This technology makes fabric more stable and consistent and prepares the fabric better for the use of other technologies like laser. This machinery can be used along with Pad-Ox technology to help cleaning fabric thus improving fastness results, at room temperature with significant savings in energy and CO2.

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