Archroma/Datacolor: Partnership to expand Col...

Partnership to expand Color Atlas library system

(Source: Archroma)
(Source: Archroma)

The almost 5,760 color references of the Color Atlas library from Archroma are to be made available within its ‘Datacolor Tools’ platform, an easy-to-use color quality control application for industries where color accuracy is a critical component of overall product quality.

Datacolor provides color management solutions that empower customers to make objective and smart color decisions, in applications such as textile and apparel, paint and coatings, plastics, photography, design and many others. The integration of its instruments and software help formulate, measure, control and communicate color, and its state-of-the-art algorithms reproduce color on materials and displays.

The Color Atlas by Archroma will considerably benefit the users of Datacolor solutions. The Color Atlas was launched in 2016 and continues to evolve in line with Archroma’s commitment to sustainability through innovation. All color references available have been formulated with products that comply with leading international eco-standards and can be selected based on the desired sustainability profile.

Currently, the Color Atlas contains 4,320 colors applicable on cotton poplin. Archroma also just launched a similar tool with 1,440 colors on polyester. Both libraries will be available in the ‘Datacolor Tools’ platform for color searching.

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