Archroma : Ready-to-use swatch book

Ready-to-use swatch book

(Source: Archroma)
(Source: Archroma)

Dedicated to creating sustainable black and dark color basics for faster time to market, Archroma has launched its first ever ready-to-use swatch book to support its popular Deep Dive 2.0 system.
The company launched its 70+ holistic system solutions in 2018, designed to create innovation and performance, whilst reducing the impacts on water, energy and other natural resources. One of these systems, Deep Dive 2.0, can achieve savings of up to 31% water and 34% energy. Archroma Management LLC, Reinach/Switzerland, has developed a new, unique book with color swatches made with the system that is ready to implement immediately into production thanks to engineered color standards and specifications.  
This new tool offers a path to bridge the gap between “art and science” by providing at inspiration phase fully executable deep colors for cotton with controlled color metamerism and at the same time demonstrate water, energy and chemical savings, enhanced color fastness using safe chemistry for the end consumer.  
The 48 colors swatched in the Deep Dive 2.0 book have been selected based on market popularity to allow brands and manufacturers to match that very stable market demand. The Customers may use these colors as presented, or as inspiration whereby Archroma can create and match new custom colors using the new system.

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