Archroma : Metal-free, halogen-free black and...

Metal-free, halogen-free black and navy

(Source: Archroma)
(Source: Archroma)

Dark shades represent approx. 80% of the outdoor and sportswear textile market, which is also under pressure to offer more sustainable articles. In this context, the new Nylosan Navy S-3R and Black S-3N, especially developed by Archroma for polyamides and blends, meet 4 long-standing market demands for blacks and navies. The Nylosan S range offers metal-free alternatives to dyestuff generally used to dye polyamide (PA) and which usually contain metals. Nylosan Navy S-3R and Black S-3N also offer a halogen-free option.  
The new range of dyes now comprises a gamut of colors, targeting the color matching and fastness specifications of the iconic blacks and navies of major sportswear brands. In order to support this color matching process, Archroma Management LLC, Reinach/Switzerland, makes available the colorimetric dye primaries for the mills in order to (re)match the color standards. The new navy and black dyes display the same color constancy as the dyes used in many leading color standards, which means the navy and black colors created with Nylosan S range will be non-metameric to the color standard under multiple light sources, whether artificial or natural, indoor or outdoor. Furthermore, the introduction of the new Nylosan Black S-3N finally makes dyeing a metal-free black on PA possible.  
Both dyes retain the characteristics of high fastness and buildup, and a wide shading gamut for industry-leading metal-free acid dyes. They are REACH registered and bluesign approved. They also have the benefit of resource saving, using a system to allow a highly efficient scour dyeing process reduced from 6 to 2 baths. This results into reducing the process time by up to 36%, water consumption by up to 64%, energy by up to 46%, and CO2 emissions by up to 41% compared to conventional benchmark process.

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