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Lower water and energy consumption for dyeing polyester

(Source: Alchemie)
(Source: Alchemie)

Jsrtex has completed its first sustainable dye run using the waterless dyeing system Endeavour from Alchemie Technology. Alchemie’s Endeavour machine, which Jsrtex has purchased to dye polyester, uses 95 % less water and 85 % less energy compared to traditional methods.
The use of waterless dyeing technology is the first step in the wider sustainable vision of Jsrtex International Co. Ltd., Taipei/Taiwan, named PurelineTM, which will bring together the revolutionary textile manufacturing solutions, from fiber to textile finishing, to create an integrated eco-friendly supply chain. The PurelineTM concept aims to reduce the carbon footprint and water consumption of each stage of textile manufacturing from the initial fiber to the dyeing and finishing of the final textile.
Alchemie’s technology will play a major part in Pureline, which will also include its Novara digital finishing system - which uses up to 85 % less energy, up to 95 % less water, and up to 50 % less chemistry to apply functional finishes to fabric.
The Endeavour system of Alchemie Technology, Cambridge/UK, will address the important issues facing the dyeing and finishing industry today: water scarcity, carbon reduction, water pollution, and soaring energy costs. It is predicted that carbon emissions from dyeing and finishing textiles will rise threefold to more than 2 Gigatonnes of CO2 annually by 2050, making it one of the most polluting industries on the planet.
Alchemie Endeavour, developed in the high technology clusters in Cambridge/UK, will form the centrepiece of a demonstration hub and showroom in Asia. Brands and manufacturers are welcome to request an invitation to come and see the sustainable dyeing process in action at Jsrtex’s plant in Taiwan.
Taiwan is an important player in the global textile market, witnessing significant growth in recent years. It has transformed from mass production to more innovative integrated product chains. The country is the world’s 7th largest textile exporter and home to over 4,300 textile manufacturing businesses.
“Having an Endeavour demonstration hub in Taiwan, and our partnership with JSRTEX, is another key milestone on our journey towards transforming the textile industry, as we aim to stop 500 million tons of CO2 emissions being produced by the outdoor and fashion industry by 2030.” Alan Hudd, founder of Alchemie Technology

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