AATCC: New test methods for stain resistance ...

New test methods for stain resistance and pool chemicals

(Source: Pexels/Jess Loiterton)
(Source: Pexels/Jess Loiterton)

As an international standards body, the AATCC follows the Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recommendations defined by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The first of these principles is transparency keeping members and the industry informed of standards related projects.
Research committees of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), Research Triangle Park, NC/USA, update textile standards, plan educational events, and share information. The latest report is now available.
Stain Resistance
There are several new test methods in development regarding stain resistance. The RA56 Stain Resistance Test Methods committee is working on 2 new projects. One working title is Stain Release: Household Soil Release Method. This method will help users evaluate residual staining after laundering. Based on AATCC TM130 for oily stains, the new method includes options for a variety of common solid and liquid soil materials including red wine and ketchup. The committee is also working on a spot cleaning protocol since not all textiles or soils are suitable for home laundering.
New Pool Chemicals
AATCC RA23 Colorfastness to Water Test Methods is creating a test method for evaluating colorfastness of textiles used in brominated water. While pools and spas have traditionally been sanitized using chlorine, bromine has become a popular alternative, particularly for spas and hot tubs maintained at high temperatures. Since dyes react differently to these chemicals, it is important to ensure swimsuits maintain their color in both chlorinated and brominated water environments.
Some of the open projects are simply reviewing existing standards. Each test method or procedure is reviewed at least once every 5 years to ensure it reflects current materials and technology, meets format guidelines, and contains no outdated references.

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