ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems: Innovations...
ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems

Innovations for wearable applications


ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems, a Division of one of the leading German manufacturers of industrial embroidery machines ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH, Krefeld, offers machines with up to 56 embroidery heads for textile finishing and innovative technical embroidery systems.

The technical embroidery systems are designated to lay wires, fibers or tubes on a fabric and place them in any shape required e.g. for sensors, heating systems, conductive paths, structural reinforcement integrated in any textile structure. Some examples for the application of this technology for werables are sensors (temperature, moisture, stretch) or heating systems as well as fine wire areas as connectors for electronics or signal transmission.
Other technical embroidery technologies can be used to embroider conductive threads. Wearable applications are e.g. textile electrodes in different required shapes and structures, or conductive paths or pads for the connection between electronic and textile.
By using an attachment for functional sequin devices, sequins with LEDs can automatically be placed on fabric or garment as well as on baseball caps. The connection of the LED-sequins and conductive paths will be done by embroidery of conductive yarns.


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