Ydol: Sound absorber for reverberant spaces

Sound absorber for reverberant spaces


Relax Wave is a 3-dimensionally shaped sound absorber from design company Ydol GmbH & Co. KG, Heringen/Germany, that can be used as a single wall-mount element or as a complete surface covering.

The undulated wavelike structure offers the entire environment a trace of softness. The wall mounted absorber can be employed in all spaces in which acoustics play an important role, such as office spaces, restaurants, event locations, hotel lobbies and much more.
The absorber consists of only 2 materials: wool and recycled aluminum. No glues are used in the manufacturing process and all materials are of single-origin, allowing them to be accurately sorted as well as recycled after use. The delicate wool covering of the absorber also has an important additional feature. Wool as a raw material is flame retardant and stores air humidity, in order to give it off again when the indoor climate is dry, thus making a valuable contribution to a healthy indoor climate and a pleasant work environment.
Under the acoustic fabric, there is a multi-layered absorber that annuls 100% of the existing noise, in the frequency range of the human voice.
This wall panel makes it possible to not only improve the room acoustics but also skillfully place a particular design element.

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