Weber Ultrasonics: Less operation costs in te...
Weber Ultrasonics

Less operation costs in textile production

Weber Ultrasonics

Textile treatment becomes more cost-efficient, more sustainable and it can also save resources with the new solution, developed jointly by the provider of ultrasonic technolgy Weber Ultrasonics AG, Karlsbad/Germany, and the manufacturer of machinery for textile finishing Geratex Machinery Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara/India. This innovation uses the specific characteristics that ultrasound displays in a liquid bath.

The physical phenomenon of cavitation plays an important role here, with the energy it produces increasing the absorption capacity of the various materials. Compared with conventional washing and finishing methods, the auxiliary chemicals used for desizing, bleaching, dyeing, mercerization and soaking are therefore more intensely and evenly applied to fabrics and, most importantly, penetrate more deeply. Also, in contrast with traditional textile treatment that does not use ultrasound, this method reduces the volume of chemicals needed by an average of 30%.
Thanks to the adjusted cavitation energy, textiles can also be treated at significantly lower temperatures – at just 60°C instead of the normal 90-95°C. The resulting energy savings are up to 50%.
The innovative ultrasonic solution comprises a transducer to ensure the gentle, consistent treatment of fabric. The fully digital Sonopower 3S ultrasound generator has been adapted for this. Equipped with a number of special technologies and a cutting-edge 32-bit processor, it is able to carry out configurations automatically, monitor them continuously and keep them constant throughout.

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