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We are SpinDye

Sustainable dyeing technology for H&M’s collections


From April 15, 2021, Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M), Stockholm/Sweden, will launch the latest Innovation Stories collection, Color Story from H&M. For these textiles a very resource-efficient dyeing process of spin-dyeing company We are SpinDye, Stockholm/Sweden, is used. By using this technology when dyeing textiles, water consumption is reduced by 75% and chemical consumption by as much as 90% compared with traditional water dyeing of fabric.

Reports show that dyeing alone accounts for almost 24 % of the resources consumed during a garment's entire lifetime. From raw material, through production and use to recycling or in the worst case the landfill. In just one year, the clothing industry uses 9 billion m³ of water and 168 million tons of process chemicals to dye fabrics. By using the We are SpinDye technology the wet dyeing can be avoided completely by adding color pigments to the fiber in the same moment as the fiber is made. In this way, water, chemicals and CO2 can be reduced to a minimum.
The fact that more companies in the fashion industry must pay attention to the negative environmental effects that occur when dyeing textiles has been big driving force for alternative dyeing technologies.

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