Uster: Intelligent yarn quality control with ...

Intelligent yarn quality control with new clearing technology


An innovative yarn clearing technology has been launched by the provider of textile testing and quality control solutions, Uster Technologies AG, Uster/Switzerland, that combines both capacitive and optical sensors in one. The Smart Duo system from the new Quantum 4.0 clearer generation offers the best of both systems.

The Quantum 4.0 enables full security in quality control through a simple capacitive/optical switch. This allows greater flexibility in the types of yarn which can be produced, while also dealing with factors such as humidity variations.
The capacitive and optical sensors work intelligently in tandem through an innovation known as Cross Clearing. This locates and eliminates hidden defects by means of a double check, in which the main sensor’s signal is supported by the assistance sensor. This deals with issues such as unnoticed fluff events, which might otherwise cause breaks downstream. The Smart Duo also has the advantage of monitoring yarn density continuously and after every splice.
Further innovations with Quantum 4.0 are the Blend Mix-up option, which now enables mills to identify mix-ups of different types of raw materials, higher processing power of the new sensors and focus on contamination.

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