Uster: Fabric inspection systems reduce waste...

Fabric inspection systems reduce waste and improve yield


Fabric inspection solutions from the provider of textile testing and quality control solutions, Uster Technologies AG, Uster/Switzerland, cover the value chain from weaving to finishing. The Uster Q-Bar 2 fabric quality monitoring system prevents waste, while the Uster EVS Fabriq Vision fabric quality assurance system significantly improves first-quality yield for all applications.

Uster Q-Bar 2 is developed for simple installation on existing weaving machines. Positioned directly above the reed on each machine, it allows the operator to respond quickly to alarms and stop signals. The system categorizes and saves fabric faults, creating a ‘defect map’ for each roll, which can be recalled and reviewed later via the intuitive touchscreen. It offers different classification possibilities and allows rolls to be categorized according to number, size and position of defects, as well as customer criteria. It also grades rolls automatically. Uster EVS Fabriq Vision achieves a consistently high rate of defect detection and optimized efficiency in grading by using automated control during intermediate and final inspection – and by creating roll inspection charts. This removes the need for manual inspection. Best results are achieved by the cut optimization software module of Uster EVS Fabriq Vision. This optimizes fabric yield per class, according to the settings. During the inspection process, infrared ink is applied on the fabric. Defect positions are then synchronized with the cut optimization software module. Using the infrared ink marks, the inspection table stops at exactly the right position for each defect, minimizing the risk of errors. Automatic data analysis by the Uster Fabriq Expert quality system has fully-customizable reports displayed at the on-screen dashboard. It provides an overview of all connected Uster Q-Bar 2 systems. Technical alarms are highlighted to trigger early reactions. Furthermore, smooth interfaces allow users to connect fabric inspection data with existing ERP systems.


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