Uster: Detection of contamination in nonwoven...

Detection of contamination in nonwovens production


Contamination in end-products like nonwovens can not only damage user perceptions of quality, it could also prevent products from meeting important standards such as “flushability”.

With the new fiber cleaning system Jossi Vision Shield N, the provider of textile testing and quality control solutions, Uster Technologies AG, Uster/Switzerland, offers full control of contamination and defects by combining 2 automated solutions for quality monitoring.

Uster Jossi Vision Shield N was especially developed for the high-output synthetic nonwovens industry. Because of its wide and deep channel, it is designed to be installed on high-production lines. The machine is built with the most durable materials, using stainless steel to prevent abrasion in areas which come into contact with the fibers.

While other technologies use conventional color cameras, the built-in spectroscopes of this system operate on a much greater wavelength. This enables it to find contamination even within the “invisible” range of infrared and ultraviolet light, even detecting contamination fragments of the same or similar shade as the fibers themselves – down to the fineness of a human hair.

The new fiber cleaning system is the result of surveys, close collaboration with international nonwovens companies and many hours of field tests. Installation is easy, since the fiber cleaner’s slim design fits very well into existing machinery. For best detection results, the fiber cleaner is tuned to identify the typical disturbing contamination types in nonwovens, including colored fibers, metal or wood particles and grease deposits.



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