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Testing equipment for technical fibers and yarns


The experts of quality control systems Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG, Mönchengladbach/Germany, will show its latest testing instruments for industrial fibers, yarns, and composites at the Techtextil.

The Favimat+ Autofeed, a fully automatic single-fiber testing system, combines 6 different testing methods to determine the following fiber properties in a single instrument: linear density, tensile properties, mechanical crimp properties (crimp percent, removal force and stability), geometrical crimp structure, fiber-to-metal friction and bending stiffness. The sample feed unit Autofeed reduces labor for preparation of the test specimen and introduction into the test field to a minimum.
The Fimatest system, that measures the fibre-matrix adhesion by means of a single-fiber pull-out will also be on show. The system consists of the Fimabond embedding station and a clamping accessory to the Favimat+.
A further highlight is the automatic linear density and tensile tester for high-tenacity yarns Statimat 4U. This instrument is especially developed for very coarse and high-tenacity yarns with a force measuring range up to 5,000 N. Therefore, Statimat 4U is suitable to test even materials with the highest tenacity, such as Aramid, and high-tenacity polyethylene (UHMWPE) yarns.
Further products for testing industrial fibers, yarns and composites are:
•    Dynafil ME+ Dynamic shrinkage tester of all kinds of yarns,
•    Drapetest Automatic drapability tester for standard and non-crimped fabrics,
•    Rovingtest Automatic test system for the processing properties of rovings

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