Tanatex: New formaldehyde and solvent-free PU...

New formaldehyde and solvent-free PUR binder

Alexander Raths - Fotolia

In most binders, formaldehyde is used as a crosslinker to apply that hard and resistant coating that is needed for many textile applications. Second, binders contain solvents (around 5 %), that are used as a carrier during the manufacturing. The specialty chemical producer Tanatex Chemicals BV, Ede/Netherlands, has developed a new formaldehyde and solvent-free binder, Edolan MR 01. This binder is also suitable for padding application. Edolan MR 01 shows a decrease in hardness of only 1 % after hydrolysis, meaning it helps producing hard and durable coatings that withstand high temperatures and humidity.

Thanks to the hydrolysis resistance, textiles treated with Edolan MR 01 can be used for technical applications and outdoor products like tents, but also for products used in moist places, like bathrooms. Apart from the hardness Edolan MR 01 has been tested for wet and dry rub fastness, tensile and tear strength, and block resistance (at 70 °C and for 3 and 24 hours).

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