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The Drycom 8 moisture measurement and control systems by Streat Instruments, Christchruch/New Zealand, allows customers to optimize their production processes by ensuring product moisture is at the desired level.

A focus on development led by the industry’s requirements has led to the premier range of moisture measurement and control solutions that will be on display at the ITMA 2019.
The moisture systems are designed to assist users in optimizing production conditions in order to maximize productivity, quality, operating efficiencies and profitability in the nonwovens and traditional textiles industries.
In both nonwovens and traditional textiles, processors are aware of the importance of moisture management during processing. It is well known that moisture content of fibers affects how they perform during the various stages of processing. Finding and maintaining the optimum moisture content provides clear benefits in both processing performance and product quality.
One effect of over-dry material is e.g. the creation of static and for most fibers it can also reduce fiber strength and make the fiber brittle, resulting in excess fiber breakage, increased drop out and reduced yields. On the other hand, a product that is too wet can block fiber transports, cause roller laps and can lead to the build-up of bacteria.
The Drycom 8 Lite has been developed in response to market demand for a lower cost solution that will integrate into existing plant control systems. If the customer already has a plant control (e.g. PLC/Scada) system in place it does not make sense to have a separate operator interface for moisture measurement and control, so for these situations the Drycom 8 Lite seamlessly integrates into the existing plant control system. The system can store up to 5 calibrations, has a single 4-20mA output of moisture content and uses a small touch-screen for the operator interface (including a display of moisture).
A variant of the Drycom 8 Lite has been developed that can provide up to three 4-20mA outputs of moisture content (one for each moisture sensor). This is of interest to processors who want to measure the moisture of a narrow or homogenous flow of product in different locations (e.g. multiple heat setting lines, gilling or combing machines or cotton gins).
Drycom 8 Lite is of interest to customers of older generation Streat moisture meters requiring upgrading that are connected to Scourcom Plant Management systems or in plants where plant management systems have been added.
Drying is one of the most energy intensive operations in textile processing. Streat Drycom empowers processors to reduce energy usage by optimizing the drying process. It measures the fiber directly and ensures consistent moisture by continuously measuring the moisture of the fiber, yarn, nonwovens, or other product at the exit of the dryer. This moisture information is used by either the Drycom Controller or the existing plant control system to automatically control the energy and/or speed of the dryer to maintain the desired level of moisture.
Alternatively, in processing areas where plant humidity control is not enough to ensure optimum moisture conditions (e.g. opening and blending prior to carding) a spray control system can be incorporated to raise the product moisture to the desired level of moisture. This avoids the need to maintain high humidity levels in the plant, thus preventing an uncomfortable environment for workers and avoiding high energy costs and potential machinery damage.  

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