Smartex: Zero waste with the internet of text...

Zero waste with the internet of textiles and artificial intelligence


The platform empowering professionals to grow more sustainable and competitive in the fashion and textile business, CLASS ecohub, Milan/Italy, has announced a new partnership with the start-up Smartex Corp., Porto/Portugal.

Smartex is a 4.0 start-up empowering circular knitting machines to improve production yields and reduce defective production close to 0%. Thanks to scanning sensors, cameras and powerful machine learning algorithms the innovation can detect even the smallest flaw and communicate it to the machine.
As a new CLASS partner, Smartex is included in the section of Future Devices, in which are featured smart tools and innovations to manufacture, communicate, raise awareness and promote in the Digital Age. A Savings Report based on TINTEX Textiles production in Portugal showed up to 21.6 l of water can be saved if Smartex intervenes directly in the very first stage, avoiding defective production. Indeed, most of the times defected textile rolls proceed to the dyeing and finishing stage, wasting time, water and many other resources. The innovative technology has even allowed a saving of 132 kg of defective fabrics’ weight/month per machine as well as saving 228 kg of CO2 and the usage of natural resources.

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