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Shima Seiki

Factory automation and digital transformation

(Source: Shima Seiki)
(Source: Shima Seiki)

Through its exhibit theme “Step Beyond”, flat knitting solutions provider Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd., Wakayama/Japan, together with its Hong Kong subsidiary Shima Seiki (Hong Kong) Ltd., present its vision of the future at the ITMA Asia + CITME in Shanghai/China.The company will address a variety of solutions for the new normal, including proposals in factory automation, digital transformation (DX), and various online solutions.

At the fair the focus will be on factory automation centered around the special manufacturing capabilities of the Wholegarment knitting machines. Wholegarment knitwear can be knitted in one entire piece without the need for linking or sewing, and allows for on-demand knitting. The Mach2XS flat knitting machine features proprietary 4-needle bed and Slideneedle technology combined with spring-type moveable sinkers and i-DSCS+DTC Digital Stitch Control System with Intelligence and Dynamic Tension Control, and capable of all-needle knitting of Wholegarment items. Mach2XS is presented in ultrafine 18L gauge, shown for the first time in China.

Also shown for the first time in China, Mach2VS is a flexible V-bed machine capable of knitting Wholegarment knitwear using every other needle, or conventional shaped knitting using all needles.

In order to further support efforts in DX in the fashion industry, new online services have been introduced over the past year: 'ApexFiz' subscription-based design software; 'yarnbank' digital yarn sourcing web service; and 'Shimanavi' e-learning service.


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