Sahm: 75 years of engineering

75 years of engineering

The CarbonStar 2-cop
The CarbonStar 2-cop

In 1945 Georg Sahm first set up a small toolmaking factory in Eschwege/Germany. Just 4 years after this, the first winding machines were being developed there for the sewing industry. Since then, the applications for Sahm winding machines have expanded continually across a wide range of industries as the machines have been developed to process an ever increasing range of high-performance winding materials.

Carbon fibers, tapes, monofilaments, and even security tapes for bank notes are all processed with Sahm systems. By handling numerous intermediate steps in the processing of various materials, precision winders have a significant impact on manufacturing quality, particularly for high-value end products.
With a comprehensive understanding of systems and processes built up over decades of delivering winding excellence, Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG is able to engage with the specific requirements of each customer to provide winding solutions that simplify production processes and make them more efficient. Systems for mobile and stationary handling as well as single yarn coating lines for PVC or also systems for slitting and winding, e.g. in use with banknotes and credit cards are provided. In interaction with the entire production chain, Sahm systems are promoting new levels of automation and are facilitating the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Its range of products reflects this breadth of expertise. To mention a few of them: its top model in the segment for high performance fibers – the automatic precision cross winder Twinstar – which allows all winding parameters to be set electronically. Or its large selection of manual and automatic winding machines in the field of carbon fibers and composites. The newest addition to the lineup is the precision cross winder CarbonStar 2-cop, a highly compact unit that combines 2 high-quality spools of up to 20 kg on one winding head.
In addition to these and many other solutions for different winding materials, Sahm is always on hand to support customers with expertise for modernization and automation solutions, to extend production capacities through new winding lines, or to help with the installation of new production plants.

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