SDL Atlas: Flammability tester capabilities e...
SDL Atlas

Flammability tester capabilities expanded

SDL Atlas

For testing general apparel and vertically oriented fabrics to European standards, SDL Atlas LLC, Rock Hill, SC/USA, has released the next generation of their AutoFlamm flammability tester. The AutoFlamm has been purposefully redesigned to now meet EN 71-2 safety of toys - Part 2. The burner tip can be easily adjusted to fully meet the different configurations required for the standard including vertically oriented and 45° inclination.

Most controls are now fully automated, including the burner tip motion and motor driven gas burner which fires through automatic gas ignition and automatically positions to the correct alignment. Another upgrade is the clamp design which makes mounting the threads easier and holds them firmly in place for precision testing. Users are also able to quickly and easily reconfigure the instrument with a wide range of interchangeable precision test frames and thread and burner arrangements.
The AutoFlamm is now fully controlled through a computer or tablet connected via Bluetooth or USB cable rather than separate control unit and comes with intuitive PC software.
Rock Hill USA

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