Rudolf: DWR trough replica of natural models

DWR trough replica of natural models


The durable water repellent (DWR) finishes Ruco-Dry Bio CGR and Ruco-Dry Bio NPE are made from natural waste that accumulate as by-product during the processing of cereal grains in the food industry. They upcycle and give new life and purpose to by-products and waste of the food industry.

These 2 innovative products do not compete with human and/or animal nutrition and they are marketed through the Bio-Logic brand by the producer of textile auxiliaries Rudolf GmbH, Geretsried/Germany, that captures the emerging trend of performance rooted in bio-carbon.
Biomimicry and studies of natural models such as lotus leaves or feathers played an important role in redefining the environmental impact of some textile chemistry.
Ruco-Dry Bio NPE is the first durable water-repellent finish entirely based on a selected mix of natural plant extracts. The well-balanced mix of plant-based ingredients combines good water and stain repellent effects with breathability and natural handle.
By turning natural waste into DWR, Rudolf has optimized the biologic character of Ruco-Dry Bio CGR where the active component is made of more than 90% bio carbon. It delivers breathability and good fabric touch and meets the performance and durability standards applied to water repellent textile finishes.


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