Rowa: New anti-graffiti topcoats

New anti-graffiti topcoats


The specialist for lacquer systems and topcoats, Rowa Lack GmbH, Pinneberg/Germany, offers new anti-graffiti topcoats for PVC and PU coated fabrics.

To prevent spray paints and inks from sticking to surfaces, or to facilitate their removal, substrates can be given anti-graffiti coatings by way of a precaution. A variety of coating systems are available for hard substrates such as facades or steel structures. Rowa Lack has concentrated on the development of anti-graffiti coatings for flexible PVC and PU web material for use in the field of synthetic leather, for example. The challenge here is to not only offer protection against graffiti but also improve the mechanical and chemical resistance of the surfaces whilst retaining the flexible properties as well as the look and feel of the base material as best as possible.
With Rowakryl M 34992 and Rowakryl G 34994, Rowa Lack has managed to develop a glossy and a matt lacquer to satisfy these customer requirements. Both lacquers are transparent, solvent-free 2K systems that have been optimized to a pot life of more than 8 hours. The Rowakryl systems are very resistant to solvents and chemicals and have a high scratch resistance.

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