Reifenhäuser: Search for industrial converter...

Search for industrial converters continues


The machinery and components manufacturer Reifenhäuser Reicofil GmbH & Co. KG, Troisdorf/Germany, has found customers in Germany for the nonwovens currently produced in the R & D center and urgently needed for the production of face masks.

The material is also supplied to public or charitable initiatives that manually produce face masks for medical practices, hospitals and care services. Within the last 2 weeks, many initiatives have been founded that sew masks by hand. From the many inquiries Reifenhäuser has selected those initiatives that work efficiently and deliver masks quickly and reliably first to where they are most urgently needed.
For the company, however, the delivery to manually operating converters remains only a partial success. As overwhelming as the great commitment is - the quantities produced in this way are only a drop in the ocean in view of the overall demand for medical protective clothing. If also the population is to be supplied with masks nationwide, the demand would rise into the billions. To actually solve the problem, Germany and Europe therefore need their own industrial production sites with closed European supply chains and decisive political action.

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