Rökona: Winner of the 2021 German Innovation ...

Winner of the 2021 German Innovation Award

(Source: Rökona)
(Source: Rökona)

The sustainable and innovative concept Re:Space of Rökona Textilwerk has been named the Winner of the 2021 German Innovation Awards. The award was given by the German Design Council, which honors multi-sector products and solutions that stand out with user-oriented focus and their added value, compared to previous solutions and products.

With its Re:Space product portfolio Rökona Textilwerk GmbH & Co.KG, Tübingen/Germany, separates raw and processed materials which through standardization, recycles them, and then returns them back in to the product cycle, where recycled materials can then be used as raw materials. This not only completes the product cycle, but it also prevents waste amounts from growing even further.

As a vertically structured production company Rökona develops, produces, and manufactures innovative mobility and industrial technical textiles.


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