Meridian: New yarn and fiber dyeing plant in ...

New yarn and fiber dyeing plant in North Carolina


The yarn spinning and dyeing company Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc., Valdese, NC/USA, has opened a new, high-tech, yarn dyeing plant at the site of their current operations in Valdese. The 116,000 sq. ft. (approx. 10,780 m²) facility is the first yarn and fiber dyeing operation to be built in the USA in over 2 decades and offers the only tow-dyeing capacity in the country.

Next-generation yarn dye technology includes dye equipment by Galvanin SpA, Vicenza/Italy, a patented automatic dosing system for dispensing chemicals and auxiliaries from Color Service Dosing Technologies, Dueville/Italy; new monitoring and control systems for all of the new dyeing equipment from Adaptive Controls of Huntersville, NC/USA, and a new Galvanin skein printing machine along with support equipment. The package dye technology includes vertical, air pad, low liquor ratio machines that replace all of MSYG’s existing fully-flooded package dye equipment.
The new technology provides the capability to process every dyeable fiber in various forms including yarn, tow and top. All fiber substrates, ranging from cellulosic and animal fibers to PET, PA and dyeable aramids can be chemically treated or dyed.
Renovations are now taking place in the plant’s original manufacturing plant and when that is done, Meridian’s yarn dye operations, which also include several types of space-dyed yarns as well as twisting capabilities, will span both buildings and 284,600 sq. ft. (approx. 26,440 m²) of office, warehouse and manufacturing space.

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