Mayer & Cie.: Machine study for weft knitting
Mayer & Cie.

Machine study for weft knitting

Mayer & Cie.

The knitting machine manufacturer Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG, Albstadt/Germany, is taking a fresh look at a proven procedure, weft knitting, and combining it with circular knitting. At the ITMA in June 2019 in Barcelona/Spain, a weft knit machine study demonstrated a new technique of manufacturing textile fabrics.

The most striking difference between a conventional circular knitting machine and the Weftnit 3.2 is the needles it uses. In the past, all Mayer circular knitting machines used latch needles; the Weftnit 3.2 relies on bearded needles. This has several advantages for the user. As the head of a bearded needle is thinner than that of a latch needle, stitch formation is especially gentle. This effect is enhanced if the stitch forming is based on the weft knitting principle using only 2 steps and requiring a lower yarn tension than circular knitting does. Bearded needles can be expected to have a longer service life – an effect that will be reflected in production costs. Also a machine with bearded needles is easier to use overall. With a conventional circular knitting machine the operator must open the needle latches after sack removal and before knitting on again, which calls for some experience. With the Weftnit 3.2 that is no longer required.
Due to its distinctively gentle stitch formation the Weftnit 3.2 also scores points for processing critical yarns, as extensive tests by the circular knitting technology leader have shown.
With this technology different qualities can be produced, e.g. for nightwear and underwear, casual outerwear or carrier materials for technical textiles.

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