Mahlo: Thickness measurement

Thickness measurement

Mahlo Calipro DMS on one-sided measuring frame
Mahlo Calipro DMS on one-sided measuring frame

Whether extremely thin transparency film in the foodstuff sector, tough floorcoverings or cosmetic tissues, coated industrial products are everywhere. The coating thickness is an important testing factor to this end. Automatic measuring systems on the running product web are produced by Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, Saal/Germany.

Different sensors are available in connection with the traversing quality measuring system Qualiscan QMS, measuring material thickness during production. The coating thickness of almost all materials can be calculated with beta, infrared or X-rays, which penetrate the product or are reflected by it. Mahlo has developed a process for thin film utilizing white light interference. The light is partially reflected, both on the upper and lower interface. The overlaid reflections interfere. This interference is related to the coating thickness and can be measured with a spectrometer.

The Calipro DMS acts largely independently of the material finish. The combination of eddy current sensor and shading sensor makes the measurement insensitive against properties, color, transparency, opacity and temperature variations. Further measurements are possible after each additional application in the production line if the values of the individual layers shall be determined. The Calipro DMS can thereby always be installed on a measuring frame or as standalone device. The Calipro DMS is particularly suitable for hygiene nonwovens used for moist cleaning tissue.

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