Mahlo: Control of basis weight and material t...

Control of basis weight and material thickness


Weight and thickness greatly influence the functionality of nonwoven goods such as masks or protective gowns. The process control systems from the manufacturer of measuring, control and automation systems Mahlo GmbH & Co. KG, Saal a.d. Donau/Germany, are able to support manufacturers in monitoring and controlling important parameters during the production process. Different sensors are available depending on the application.

The Gravimat DFI sensor is part of the modular system Qualiscan QMS and measures the basis weight with the help of isotope radiation. The measurement is based on the attenuation of radioactive radiation by the substrate in the measuring gap. If the density is uniform, the basis weight measurement can also be used to draw direct conclusions about the thickness of the nonwovens.
As an alternative to the measuring technique with isotopes, Mahlo uses a measuring method with X-rays. The Gravimat FMX-T sensor is ideal for products that consist of only one component and determines basis weight and thickness reliably. It measures thin film, nonwovens and other fabrics with high resolution, measuring accuracy and absence of flaws.
Donau Germany

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