Loepfe: WeftMaster SFB increases weaving prod...

WeftMaster SFB increases weaving productivity


Nowadays productivity and maximizing return on investment is important worldwide. The textile quality control provider Loepfe Brothers Ltd., Wetzikon/Switzerland, has launched the new WeftMaster SFB.

It represents the first of several planned technology products aimed at maximizing productivity in weaving mills.

The WeftMaster SFB weft thread brake has now been upgraded with new electronics to control up to 4 brakes. Designed for fitting to projectile and rapier looms, it controls the tension for all yarn types and thus minimizes weft thread breaks. Braking start is optimized through precise projectile detection allowing increased loom speeds and promoting higher output.

The WeftMaster SFB brakes also feature reduced yarn abrasion and higher wear resistance.


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