Livinguard: New permanent disinfection techno...

New permanent disinfection technology


The life sciences technology platform Livinguard Technologies AG, Zug/Switzerland, has developed a new method of permanent disinfection that can be applied to textiles. Textiles and other material treated with this advanced process can eliminate micro-organisms upon contact, while remaining safe and gentle for people and planet alike.

From purifying drinking water in rural India to assisting in advanced surgical procedures where microbiological hygiene is essential, Livinguard has widespread applications.
The Livinguard’s disinfection technology represents a huge leap beyond today’s common textile-based antimicrobials, which slowly release metal ions (mostly of silver and copper) or biocides to destroy microbes. Its proprietary technology, applied to textiles in a process similar to dyeing, embeds positive electrostatic charges to the surface of the fabric. They attract the negatively charged outer surfaces of microbes and disrupt their cell walls, inactivating and disintegrating them. Research in conjunction with the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG), Dübendorf/Switzerland, has indicated the physical mechanisms of this paradigm-shifting technology.

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