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Online moisture measurement und coating control determination

 Sensor zur Schichtdicken- und Flächengewichtsbestimmung
Sensor zur Schichtdicken- und Flächengewichtsbestimmung

The sensors of the producers of efficient moisture measurement systems for the industrial automation Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH, Bad Schussenried/Germany, are used in different industrial sectors from automotive supplier to building material, paper, food industry to the agriculture sector further on for chemical and petrochemical applications.

Using the continuous moisture measurement system in the textile and nonwovens industry brings many advantages. Up to 16 sensors per interchange and evaluation unit detecting the moisture or the water content directly in the process.
The measurement takes place in raw materials like man-made fibers and yarns, glass fibers yarns and rovings, natural fibers, plastics or recycling materials and also in the finished textiles and nonwovens widths.
The system, comprising of „intelligent“ moisture sensor, evaluation electronics and user-friendly software ensures best possible controlling of the moisture, as well as monitoring or even correction of the respective recipe for the production process. Moisture content of the medium is measured in-situ, or rather in real-time. An integrated microprocessor determines the arithmetical mean value throughout the entire batching duration. Complete reproducibility is guaranteed by the microprocessor installed in the sensor, thus no recalibration is required for subsequent upgrades of the plant with sensors.
The sensor also automatically compensates fluctuations in temperature of the medium, which could in turn have a negative influence of the measured value. This can also be used to ascertain temperature of the medium.
Due to the inline process measurement, measured values can be showed in real-time.
If required, the measured values can be sent to the super-ordinated control to have direct influence to the manufacturing process. The moisture measuring can be smoothly integrated into process control systems and controls due to an extensive range of interfaces. It’s even possible to connect the signals to an onsite Ethernet infrastructure.
An often very time-consuming and expensive lab test of samples lower partial quantity is no longer required.
The measurement product range will be complemented with a coating control or weight per unit are definition system. Fields of applications are paper, cardboard, foil, nonwoven and textile webs. Based on the same measurement principle it´s possible to detect several applications like glue or other coatings on textile webs. Advantages of such a determination are, to detect potential savings in real-time and to takes production steps.
At the Liebherr factory in Bad Schussenried, the sensors are produced and calibrated in an ESD-protected production line. Sensor development at Liebherr includes the total R&D value chain from the physical idea to the final solution.
For applications in explosion protected areas, sensors are available in dust-ex and gas-ex-protected configuration in accordance with ATEX guidelines.

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