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Lenzing Instruments

New crimp inspection system

Lenzing Instruments

The Textechno group member Lenzing Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Gampern/Austria, will present sophisticated quality assurance measurement systems for producers of filament yarn, staple fiber, nonwovens and woven textiles. Solutions for various automatization requests, including laboratory testing equipment, at-line high volume testing instruments together with online monitoring systems will be offered.

In line with the proceeding digitalization of the textile industry, the company focuses on development of systems for online process control.
Optimized online and real-time crimp control of staple fiber is guaranteed by the new generation of the crimp inspection system CIS 300.
State-of-the-art image processing technology enables monitoring of a huge amount of single fibers for the crimp distribution along and across the moving fiber tow. Results can be traced back to specific bale IDs and are given as average crimp count (counts/cm), long crimp, micro crimp and crimp distribution. The new intuitive and flexible software, higher image frequency and the enhanced possibilities for monitoring fibers of a wider color range characterize the new CIS 300.
For online and real-time process control of filament yarn, the high reliability of the Prompt sensor technology is used. In combination with the sophisticated software program, the sensors offer continuous monitoring of defects and vital yarn characteristics. For detection of defects such as broken filaments, fluff, thin and thick places as well as for control of yarn diameter, interlace and yarn breaks, Prompt OLO or Prompt FFD can be used.
Prompt OLT gives feedback about the yarn tension and based on conductive technology, the sensor yields information about the spin finish content of the passing yarn. Real-time performance information by means of remote access to measurement results allows for quick reactions to process malfunctions.
An even more thorough analysis of detected defects is offered by Defect View and Fray View: these 2 systems combine Prompt OLO respectively Prompt FFD with a high resolution camera, which generates images of detected broken filaments, fluff etc.
For quick checks of the spin finish content on one single spinning end, the hand-held sensor Opumeter provides fast and clear information about the momentary OPU/FOY content on the running filament yarn.


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