Laroche: Fiber processing equipment

Fiber processing equipment

Airlay machine Flexiloft 2600
Airlay machine Flexiloft 2600

The producer of fiber processing equipment Laroche Sa, Cours/France, will display the following machines at the ITMA 2019: Flexiloft 2600, Jumbo 2000 and Nextrim 500.

The airlay machine Flexiloft 2600 with improved web uniformity and weight range is available in widths from 2.4-4.0 m and can run all types of fibers (synthetics, natural, recycled etc.) and blends of fibers and solid particles (foam chips, plastics, wood chips). This allows smart products to be produced from renewable resources and from waste that are otherwise discarded. Thermobonding or needle punching trials can be run in the technical center.
The tearing machine Jumbo 2000 can be used for high capacity recycling of all types of textile waste including post-consumer clothing and carpet wastes.
The new generation of ultra-high-speed edge trim opener Nextrim 500 is available for on-line or off-line recycling of light weight nonwovens edge trims.
Furthermore information will be given on:
- decortication and refining of bast fibers for technical applications,
- new generation fiber blending and dosing lines,
- 3D web forming,
- automotive waste processing.

Flexiloft Fiber

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