LanzaTech: Ethanol sourced from emissions

Ethanol sourced from emissions


A renewable ethanol produced by LanzaTech, Skokie, IL/USA, from the emissions of steel plants by using microorganisms can be used for fuels, but also increasingly for surfactants and plastic packaging.

The CarbonSmart Ethanol technology allows to capture carbon dioxide and to create value from waste. LanzaTech uses microorganisms to make ethanol from the CO2 and CO emissions of industrial processes like steel, syngas from municipal solid waste, waste wood or waste plastics. Ethanol is a chemical building block that can be used to produce a broad range of everyday products from household cleaning products, plastic shampoo bottles, and toys to fine fragrances and sporting goods.
With a commercial plant in China that has produced over 20,000 tons of ethanol and mitigated over 100,000 tons of CO2 since 2018, the technology is rapidly gaining traction in the market.
“If we are to achieve our climate goals, we need a systems-level view and solutions that can draw on multiple sources of waste carbon, which these awards rightly highlight”, states Jennifer Holmgren from LanzaTech.


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