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Line for thermoplastic UD tapes

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New line for producing thermoplastic UD tapes
New line for producing thermoplastic UD tapes

Karl Mayer Technische Textilien GmbH, Chemnitz/Germany, is launching a completely new line for efficiently producing thermoplastic UD tapes, a special type of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRPs). In this way, the company is getting into the market for machine technology for producing thermoplastic UD tapes.

FRPs are important drivers in the lightweight construction sector and are contributing to the concept of sustainability in the building sector. UD tapes score points here by offering maximum potential for producing lightweight structures. They are made up of unidirectional, continuous reinforcing fibers, meaning that they can absorb high levels of stress. Using thermoplastic rather than thermosetting matrix systems gives rise to further advantages. For example, thermoplastic UD tapes can be recycled but, above all, they can be processed more efficiently – an important requirement for mass production.
The mass production of semi-finished products forms the focus of the new line for processing thermoplastic UD tapes. There is a need for reproducibility, quality and efficiency at a reasonable cost – challenges that the company, with its many years of experience in non-crimped fabrics (NCFs) made from glass and carbon fibers, has been tackling.
More specifically, the company has extended its spreading technology to include suitable heating and impregnating modules. The result is a machine system that offers very good price-performance ration. It delivers a continuous mode of operating, a high production speed, and large tape widths, and is the next step along the way to the company being a systems supplier for dry and impregnated NCFs.
The first line for producing thermoplastic UD tapes will be ready to be presented in autumn of 2019 at the Karl Mayer site in Chemnitz and will be available for producing samples on behalf of customers.

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