Jeanologia: 100% elimination of waste and pol...

100% elimination of waste and pollution for jeans by 2025


In partnership with Cone Denim, Greensboro, NC/USA, Jeanologia, Paterna/Spain, announces their Mission Zero goal and showcases authentic, sustainable options for denim from fabric to finish.

The Mission Zero commitment is the 100% elimination of waste generated in denim manufacturing and finishing from the fabric to the final garment, reducing water usage to near zero amounts and returning clean water back into nature.
ConeDenim currently uses Jeanologia’s G2 Ozone finishing ranges, lasers and Bluescan machinery. Additionally, the company is in the process of installing a Zero Liquid Discharge wastewater treatment system at the mill in Northern Mexico. These investments will enable to make significant advances towards Cone’s 2025 water usage reduction goal.
The production of blue jeans brought some undesirable consequences like excessive usage of water, chemicals, and energy that negatively impact the carbon footprint. That is why it is important to immediately bring together the efforts of all those involved to change denim production processes.

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