James Heal: Sustainable water repellency test...
James Heal

Sustainable water repellency testing

James Heal

The redeveloped TruRain water repellency tester has been launched by textile testing equipment manufacturer James H. Heal & Co. Ltd., Halifax/UK. The latest release includes an innovative new ‘water recirculation’ feature, which significantly reduces operating costs by 83% and water consumption by 99%.

TruRain is an evolution in sustainable textile testing: a next-generation, artificial rain shower testing instrument, for determining the water repellency of textiles, sustainably. Further benefits include increased throughput and productivity. It is easy to use and tests can be run continuously for 8 hours/day, 5 days/week. Through the use of an effective Water Safety Plan, health and safety can be maintained with no impact on the efficacy and reliability of test results.

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