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Innovative solutions for weaving technical fabrics on Cinte Techtextil China


The technical division Itematech of the manufacturer of advanced weaving solutions, Itema SpA, Colzate/Italy, will exhibit comprehensive weaving solutions for technical fabrics at Cinte Techtextil China in Shanghai/China, on September 2-4, 2020. Itema offers the 3 weft insertion technologies: positive and negative rapier, airjet and projectile. The merger of Itema and PTMT srl (formerly Panter), Grandino/Italy, lead to this complete new product portfolio.

The Unirap single positive rapier weaving machine embodies versatility and provides various weaving possibilities. Combining the advantages of a positive rapier weft insertion with the gentle yarns treatment ensured by the free fight transfer system, UniRap enables complex and creative fabrics weaving with practically no limitations and maximum textile efficiency.
The positive and negative rapier weaving machine Hercules represents a very good combination of mechanical sturdiness and textile efficiency ensuring a high profitability in the market for applications such as agro textiles, heavy and standard coating fabrics, conveyor belts and filter fabrics, fiberglass, geotextile, mesh fabrics and many others.
The R9500² rapier weaving machine is known to be the most positive negative rapier machine in the market, due to the uniqueness of its weft transfer system which provides unparalleled versatility of yarns and patterns. The continuous roll-out of customized special versions tailored for technical applications, including OPW airbag, fiber glass, bolting cloth, etc., the wide weaving width up to 540 cm, as well as new and advanced devices make this machine to weave the full range of technical textiles.
Technical fabrics are the specialty of the P7300HP projectile weaving machine due to the unparalleled versatility and reliability of its weft insertion system. The specialty of the positive weft transfer consists in the single insertion driven by the projectile, which catches the weft and carries it directly with no exchanges, provides high efficiency.

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