Itema: 10 machines showcase innovative weavin...

10 machines showcase innovative weaving solutions

(Source: Itema)
(Source: Itema)

Showcasing dedicated weaving machines for denim and technical fabrics and, for the first time, in a unique stand for all the group’s companies, the provider of advanced weaving solutions, Itema SpA, Colzate/Italy, is participating at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021 in Shanghai/China.

A total of 10 weaving machines will be on display, of which the R9500-2denim and the Itematech Hercules will be at the Itema stand and the rest in partner booths across Hall 3. The Itema denim dedicated rapier machine R9500-2denim features a brand-new exclusive weaving width of 2400 mm that reflects the most recent trends and the evolution of the denim market worldwide, more and more characterized by super stretch and comfortable fabrics. The machine can be equipped with the iSaver that represents a real sustainable weaving tool. Moreover, the machines can be also equipped with innovative IOT solutions. The iBooster package featuring iCare, implements the most modern principles to provide very good performances and predictive maintenance.

Itematech Hercules will be on display in wide weaving width 3400 mm and fine-tuned to weave heavy filter fabrics. Offering both negative and positive rapier transfer systems, Hercules represents the good combination of mechanical sturdiness and textile efficiency ensuring the greater profitability in the market. Another key advantage of Hercules lies in the warp yarns control. In fact, the back-rest roller couples sturdiness with responsiveness ensuring the perfect warp yarns compensation.

8 Itema weaving machines will be exhibited in partners booths, encompassing jacquard shedding machines manufacturers and label looms providers. These will include: Itema R9500terry, 2800 mm, Jacquard Bonas Ji; Itema R9500-2, 1900mm, for Satin Label and 2 Itema R9000, 1900mm for Taffeta Label and Sport Shoes; Itema R9000, 1900mm, to produce Label fabrics; Itema R9000-2, 3400mm and 3800mm for Window Screening and Blind Curtains fabrics; Itema R9000-2, 3400mm, fine-tuned to weave Window Screening.

Lamiflex, a leading supplier of technical composite products which entered Itema Group in 2017 – will be present with its ample catalogue of key rapier weft transfer components such as flexible rapier tapes and sprocket wheels.

For the very first time in China, Schoch Reeds will present its product portfolio made up by high-quality reeds and accessories for textile looms with all the unique technological highlights that make since 1800 Schoch a worldwide recognized reliable partner.


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